What We Do

“Your property found...negotiated...secured”

We understand the “Real Estate Beast”! Buying a property can be exhausting, time consuming and sometimes an emotional process. It can be difficult to determine exactly what suits your needs leaving you feeling like you’re going around in circles – with no end in sight.

There are the countless property inspections to the game playing in negotiations, or it’s that one property everyone wants that you end up competing for.

Allow us to take over the process, so you can get on with living.



Here’s how our process works


Step 1: Getting Clear - Your Property Brief

This is where we learn about what you are looking for – your priorities and your negotiables. We will assess your budget, your desired areas and plan with your property. It all starts with a simple conversation – no pressure, no hype. Just an opportunity to get clear with your needs and requirements.


Step 2: Researching & Sourcing Options

We conduct extensive search, accessing the most suitable properties on and off market through our established networks according to your brief. Options sourced include properties shown exclusively to us, never seen by the open market. Our Real Estate networks give us invaluable information to position us ahead of the general public buying.


Step 3: Evaluating Your Options

We do all the initial checks to ensure each property fits your criteria, shortlisting these opportunities and making sure that we are not committing to unrealistic options. Not everything is 1 + 1 so if we need to fine-tune your property criteria to align your priorities to the market conditions- it’s just part of what we do!


Step 4: Negotiate & Secure

We’ll do all the negotiating for you. Whether prior to auction, at auction or private treaty (For Sale). This includes negotiating the best price and contract terms after formulating our negotiation strategy using all the information at hand. If the property goes to auction, we’ll be right there with you, bidding on your behalf – or if its negotiations that take more than one offer, we’ll be there too.


Step 5: We Won’t Disappear

Although the contracts have exchanged and we’ve been paid, this does not mean you’ll stop hearing from us or that we have stopped working for you. We’ll be around until settlement (and hopefully a long time after).

Let’s make this easy for you

Whatever the type of property you are looking for, let’s chat.